Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

  1. Why does your language program have the same title as its website?

    Why not?

  2. Can I get a refund?

    If you were charged on the first of the month the $10.00 for the subscription and have been a member for less than 30 days then you are eligible for a refund of $10.00. We do not offer refunds for the sign up fee as this pays for your book and flash cards. More details about this can be found below.

  3. Why is the sign up fee $90.00?

    When you sign up for our program your sign up fee pays for printable copies of our textbook and flashcards.

  4. Why are there no refunds for the sign up fee?

    We provide you with a digital product. If our product was physical we would provide refunds no questions asked. However, because our product is digital there is no way for us to guarantee that after giving you a refund that you would never use the materials you downloaded from us again.

  5. Why is there a monthly charge?

    The monthly charge will give you access to the video course which will give you a visual walk through of your book. You will also get access to the Dwanta Vlog otherwise known as “Dwantadvise”. In other words, you are getting access to 2 forms of video content in exchange for your monthly charge. New videos for both the video course and Dwantadvise are posted weekly.

  6. What do I get when I sign up?

    You will get access to a printable 356 page textbook, over 7,000 printable flashcards that go with your textbook and access to our video course that goes with the 356 page textbook and access to Dwantadvise videos which teach you about the culture of the Philippines.

  7. Can I cancel anytime?

    Yes! as a matter of fact you can cancel right after you sign up if you are only interested in our book and flashcards and do not want to worry about the monthly subscription fee. If you decide later on that you would like to come back then let us know and after signing up we will refund you the sign up fee so you do not have to pay it again.

  8. After I cancel my subscription with you guys can I keep my book?

    Of course! The book and flashcards you downloaded are yours to keep forever! That means even after you cancel your subscription you will have access to these materials as long as you do not delete them from the device where you are storing them.

  9. Will I still have access to the video content on your website if I cancel my account?

    No. You must pay the monthly subscription fee in order to get access to our video content.