Before we can take you to the new website there are a few things we need to go over. PLEASE READ THESE ITEMS TO MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND.

  1. This item is the most important. This item ONLY APPLIES TO INDIVIDUALS WHO SIGNED UP BEFORE 7/1/2019. Account management on the new website is not 100% operational. If you are one of the individuals who has access to the new website and you would like to cancel your account, YOU MUST DO IT HERE ON TAGALOG.IO. Any additional charges you incur because of trying to cancel your account via the new website WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR. We will not provide a refund for these extra charges. Lastly please let us know when you do cancel your account if you would like to have your information removed from the new website.

  2. All accounts that signed up before 7/1/2019 12:00 PM will have access to the new website. If you just subscribed (after 7/1/2019 12:00 PM) likely we have not yet managed to migrate your data. Please be patient. In the meantime please enjoy what we have made available to you here on

  3. This is not a public launch of our new website and its services. As much as we wish we could go public with our new website there are a few things we are taking care of on the back end to ensure the safety of your data and to make sure you have a positive safe experience.

  4. Everything we promised you we would deliver is complete on the new website and ready to use.We are specifically talking about the flashcards application that so many of you have requested. We hope you enjoy this tool and the other items we have prepared.

  5. Not all of the videos have been successfully migrated to the new website. If you would like to be able to watch the newest video content YOU WILL NEED TO WATCH IT HERE ON TAGALOG.IO.

  6. I would like to test the capabilities of the new website. Please feel free to make your way around and create groups, join groups, make forums, join forums, and make or follow friends. I would love to meet and get to know you all. Please consider sending me a friend request that way I can get to know you and answer any questions you have in regards to learning Taglaog. If you find any bugs you would like to let us know about join the group titled “Bugs” and post your issue there.

  7. There are many different groups and forums that already exist. These are tests. Ignore these.

  8. Here is the terms of use for our new website:

    Purchasing any of the products on this website focused on language learning will not guarantee your success in learning the languages taught on

    By purchasing or using any of the products or services offered on you recognize that you understand that your success is not guaranteed with learning the languages taught on this site.

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    Lastly, philtalk prohibits the use of lewd or discriminatory speech and/or use of lewd or pornographic material. Those found in violation of this will be immediately banned and in cases where appropriate reported to the proper authorities.

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