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What is tagalog.io?

tagalog.io is the name of the manual for a language learning program that was written to help people become fluent in Tagalog, the national language of the Philippines. tagalog.io is also the name of the website for the language learning program. tagalog.io was written because its author, Kameron James Moshier saw a need for a language learning program that provided two things, the first, an engaging book with adequate explanations and directions that aided the reader in quickly and effectively applying the lessons learned from tagalog.io in the real world. The second thing that makes this program unique is the thousands of flashcards that come with it that are tightly integrated into each of the lessons taught in the tagalog.io manual. Nowhere on the market today is a program such as this that offers the quantity and quality that many people have long been searching for. If you are looking for a program that simplifies the intricacies of communicating in Tagalog into terms you can understand then this is the program for you. For those who give this program a shot, hands down you will quickly find that this program is the best way to learn Tagalog. This program is for everyone who is either trying to learn Tagalog in the Philippines or elsewhere! You will find that you can learn this language anywhere you are! This program includes a 356 page manual and over 7,000 flashcards which are chock-full of Tagalog words and meanings. All of this also comes with an online course that you can watch whenever or wherever! We are extremely excited and proud to be able to offer this program to you and hope you will give us the opportunity to prove to you how effective learning through our program is!