Come learn Tagalog with us!



We would like to officially announce the opening of our website and language learning program “tagalog.io A language learning program for Tagalog”. It is also our pleasure to announce our partnership with Dwaine Woolley otherwise known as Dwanta on youtube! Together we have created a language learning program consisting of a 356-page study manual, over 7,000 printable flashcards and online video courses (yes, that is courses meaning more than one). With all these in-depth resources combined it is our strong belief regarding this program that there isn’t anything in the world that matches the depth or quality that our program offers. If you are thinking about learning Tagalog, don’t waste your money on other language learning courses. Why? Simply put, our language course was developed based off real-world experiences in the Philippines. Every chapter, every video, every flashcard was put together using experience from years spent by us, the creators of this program, living in the Philippines. Because of our time and efforts spent trying to learn Tagalog and its culture while living in the Philippines we can promise that you, as the learner, will have access to the most intuitive, most authentic, most in depth learning experience in the world. This was our goal from the start, and we are proud to finally be able to reveal it publicly to you today! Visit us today and subscribe! Early subscribers will get the benefit of only having to pay a $60.00 signup fee compared to the $90.00 sign up fee that we will have in place within the next few months. If you know someone who is interested in learning Tagalog, or Filipino then send them our way!