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Come learn Tagalog with us!

We have new content for you ready to watch on our website! If you are a member head on over and check it out! If you aren’t, consider subscribing and get access to the best Tagalog language learning course on the planet! Our latest videos will teach you how to form sentences using sentence structure used in Tagalog and a few things you should know about Filipino culture.

Our Announcement:

A lot of our customers have been asking questions like, “what are your plans for the future with this program?”, “do you have a software program in the works?” , “who are you guys?” and many other questions. For this reason, Dwaine Woolley will be doing a live stream at the end of this month where I myself (author of the language learning program) and him will be present to answer these questions and any others you ask. We will keep you posted with specific times and dates as the end of the month draws nearer.

Shout out to our subscribers and fans:

The massive amounts of support we have received since the day we launched has been overwhelming and has allowed us to look to the future with much excitement. We are hard at work behind the scenes polishing our product and services and cannot wait to release what we have in the works. To our subscribers and fans we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of the support. Suffice it to say that we have a lot of exciting things planned for our subscribers so stay tuned!